The Playlist, pt. 3

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15. Field Music – ‘The Rest is Noise’

The midway point of the Mackems’ magnum opus Measure finds them at their tightly controlled best. ‘The Rest is Noise’ sounds like it might be from a classic rock album of the 70s – until the chorus lurches off into an unusual time signature, that is.

16. Elvis Costello – ‘Episode of Blonde’

It might be that the once prolifically brilliant Costello has limited himself to one great rock album a decade since 1990. ‘Episode of Blonde’ comes from one such record (2002’s When I Was Cruel), and showcases some of his most biting lyrics, spat out over a Latin-tinted piano part.

17. Wilco – ‘Bull Black Nova’

In order to make sense of many people’s tendency to refer to Wilco as “The American Radiohead”, experimental songs like this need attention. On a pounding minimalist foundation far removed from their country roots, Jeff Tweedy’s anguished screams and Nels Cline’s violent guitar shredding arrive for a brutal climax.

18. Radiohead – ‘Fog (Again) (Live)’

Thom Yorke (of “The English” Radiohead) reimagines the glitchy Amnesiac b-side. The original’s crumpled beats and electronic ambience make way for a solo piano and an altogether more emotive vocal performance, later released on the ‘Go To Sleep’ single.

Read the whole playlist.

*tracks missing on we7.

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