The Playlist, pt. 5

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26. Super Furry Animals – ‘Neo Consumer’

Still going strong on their eighth album, the psychedelic Welshmen power through a catchy opening to a song lamenting the impotence of the individual. ‘Neo Consumer’ continues the high octane, fun thread of the band’s oeuvre, following in the footsteps of early singles ‘The Man Don’t Give a Fuck’ and ‘The International Language of Screaming’.

27. Neil Young – ‘Tell Me Why’

As the opening track on one of the most acclaimed albums ever made, ‘Tell Me Why’ reaches The Playlist with an already legendary status. The lyrics might seem oblique, but there’s a mournful tone in his voice as Young sings about lies and loneliness, touching on the conflict between heart and head.

28. Micachu & the Shapes – ‘Golden Phone’

There’s the aura of a maverick outsider to Mica Levi – often doing away with harmonies (or notes at all) on her debut album, she creates a unique style by pulling sounds from homemade instruments and other unusual sources. Having studied composition at uni, her pop career does away with mainstream convention.

29. LCD Soundsystem – ‘All My Friends’

James Murphy is a master of capturing and controlling visceral emotions with beats and arch, but reflective, lyrics, and his talent’s as clear as ever on his finest song to date. The effervescent piano figure repeats for the duration, whilst simplistic musical elements develop gradually around it to produce a rare emotion, given the song’s dancefloor-ready base.

30. Supergrass – ‘Faraway’

At their best when full of youthful exuberance, ‘Faraway’ sees Supergrass on the cusp of Real Adulthood, but still capable of a rousing coda, here based on the repeated vocal: “I’ll make a new start / I don’t know where to begin”. They didn’t settle so comfortably into their later years, but songs like this are a worthwhile reminder of what they used to do.

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*tracks missing on we7.

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