The Playlist: Factory

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Working in a factory (as any philosophy graduate sans vocation is liable to do for a decade or so post graduation), music tends to run through my mind most of the day. These tracks floated around during a shift on Thursday 3 February. The rhythmic pieces were teased out by the repetitive clunking machinery around the production line, while the more wistful ones probably emerged from the desire to be elsewhere.

98. Field Music – ‘Let’s Write a Book’

The marimba solo at 0:42 was the single best thing to happen in the world during 2010, but the juddering rhythmic set-up of the whole song is great fun.

99. Elbow – ‘Fugitive Motel’

A song about missing things, one of Elbow’s loveliest.

100. Gustav Holst – ‘Mars – The Bringer of War’ from The Planets (Georg Solti; London Philharmonic Orchestra)

I wish more industrial machines would work in 5/4. Few do.

101. Björk ft. Catherine Deneuve – ‘Cvalda’

No other song correlates so directly to my current life situation (except I’m neither going blind nor about to go a-murdering). If that makes no sense, you’d do well to watch Dancer in the Dark, for which ‘Cvalda’ was written.

102. Rilo Kiley – ‘Portions for Foxes’

Former child star Jenny Lewis struck gold on the easy FM rock of 2004’s More Adventurous. Her subsequent releases haven’t matched it.

103. Carl Orff – ‘Stetit Puella’ from Carmina Burana (David Hill; Janice Watson; Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra)

From its tender ‘Court of Love’ section, ‘Stetit Puella’ is about as far as Orff’s often rampant work gets from the repetitive noises of the warehouse. It’s a sweet release.

104. Leonard Bernstein – ‘Cool’ from West Side Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

“Got a rocket in your pocket?” “No, I’m just pleased to hear West Side Story‘s best song.”

105. Múm – ‘These Eyes are Berries’

Opening with a harp and closing with frantic electronics, this is a bit of an oddity, even by the Icelanders’ standards.

106. The Flaming Lips – ‘Watching the Planets’

Since the pounding ‘Planets’ closes the Lips’ increasingly excellent Embryonic in such awe inspiring fashion, it feels wrong to pluck it out of that context. But that’s what happened alongside the cheesecake machine on February 3, so there you go.

Read the whole playlist.

*tracks missing on we7.

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