A couple of good music videos by North Americans

That new Kate Bush video tapped into a sneaky instinct deep in the guts of my brain. Before I knew what was happening, I was envisaging a grand blog post in which I would proclaim a select few music videos to be the greatest of the year so far. I’d never be so pompous as to assume that voice of authority, though, so the blog never materialised. Besides, I could only think of two.

So here we are.

First, this is ‘Riding for the Feeling’ by Bill Callahan. Some folk might contend that nothing really happens in it, but in fact at least one thing does really happen – a little ski-jumper gently floats over endless mountaintops. So there. It’s reminiscent of the cover of Eels’ Electro-Shock Blues, or, if you prefer, one of those rounds in Super Mario Land where you’re submerged in some underwater apparatus or other. A bathysphere, probably.

Next, the title track from Destroyer’s Kaputt (track 153 on The Playlist). Dan Bejar’s lyrics rarely make a great deal of direct literal sense, so in one sense at least this video is a neat accompaniment to the song. At the outset, a hazy 80s fantasy matches up the picture to the Kaputt staples of guitar reverb and seductive sax. As for what ensues, I’ll defer to a trusty YouTube commentator for a spoiler: “It’s lucky that the whale didn’t swallow the kid and the old dude on the way down because, it totally could’ve gone that way.” Amen, brother.

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