Saul Williams’ ‘Fall Up’ vs. Björk’s ‘Who Is It’

All new pop music features a degree of derivation, but core elements of this track from the recent Saul Williams album are strikingly, perhaps awkwardly, reminiscent of the closing section of ‘Who Is It’ from Björk’s all-vocal 2004 record Medúlla. Elements of the earlier track – including Rahzel’s original beats and the choral loops – appear to be rehashed on ‘Fall Up’, without significant changes being made to timbre, tempo or key.

To illustrate, listen to the looped beats/vocals here from 3:15…

…and from 0:30 here, which is where the beats come in.

I haven’t found any articles/posts describing the apparent crossover in detail yet, but it may be old news (or even acknowledged in liner notes – I haven’t seen them). Whether deliberate or accidental, previously noted or not, the chances of the resemblance turning out to be purely coincidental must be negligible.

Edit: As noted in the comment below, Saul Williams has acknowledged that it was his intention to utilise Björk’s beat. -17 April 2012

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2 Responses to Saul Williams’ ‘Fall Up’ vs. Björk’s ‘Who Is It’

  1. Mark says:

    I noticed this exact same thing when I first heard Saul Williams new album, he confirmed it was deliberate on Twitter:!/SaulWilliams/statuses/73274512032014336

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